Business, Logistics and IT Consulting

AGEX Enteprises has been international trade broker, disrtibutor, and logistics provider since 2007. In the course of the company development we have integrated vertically and horizontally and expanded our services drectly or through our subsidiaries into many other areas to respond to our customers needs. Our services today include business, logistics and IT consulting in international trading.

Business Consulting

Our business consulting services are in the area of our core expertise - international trade. We can help your business to successfully enter global market, expand and develop global presence through sharing and applying our successful practices. We have partners and distribution channels for many products and services in most countries worldwide.

Logistics Consulting

Should your business require complex logistics solutions we will more than qualified to develop, implement, and serice complex logistics network to satify the needs of your business. We will find qualified suppliers, negotiated terms that will make operation of the business efficient and productive, and manage the process so your company can focus on what it does best, whatever that is.

IT Consulting

We have a separate department in our company which can handle any information technology needs for any kind of company. Our specialty is development and implementaion of software solutions which would be integrated with all your current relevant application. Our systems will simplify the processes of inventory management, documentation turnover, cargo shipping and tracking, decision making and approvals, marketing, data analysis, and order processing.